• Our overview

    ST is a global educational initiative focusing on genocide awareness activities.​

    Survivors Tribune is a global educational initiative born out of FHPU’s off-field genocide awareness activities. ST was established in November 2015 by survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, drawing on their own first-hand experiences to make a stand against discrimination and genocide denial, promote reconciliation and forgiveness.


    Its flagship programme, #Survivors4Schools (S4S), enables survivors of modern genocides and other global conflicts to share their experiences through public speaking events in schools, colleges, and universities. ST aim is to be the flagship organization that helps offers a structured pathway to survivors to attain new meaning in their lives. Critically, in doing so, survivors are empowered during the process of empowering future generations. This interdependent and symbiotic initiative helps build back survivors lives whilst knocking down the prejudices and artificial social divisions that sit at the epicenter of what drives people’s fears, anxiety, and hatred.


    Looking to the future, Survivors Tribune have initiated the #100days100Lifestories series, which is collecting stories for the #100days100Rwandanstories, and hopes to continue building its reputation as providing support for those who need it most. Survivors Tribune wants to strengthen and contribute to the notion of “How Can Life Go On” by focusing on the contribution the survivor community can make to society in Britain and beyond.

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