• Who we are

    Our strategic vision

    Our Aims

    • To advocate, and raise awareness about genocide and it’s causes.
    • To help survivors rebuild their shattered lives by sharing their traumatic experiences through storytelling and public speaking programmes.
    • To increase young people’s understanding of the issues surrounding genocide, such as prejudice and extremism.

    Our Mission

    Survivors Tribune is a voice for the voiceless, speaking out against genocide, whispering hope. Through our strategic vision survivors are empowered during the process of empowering future generations.

    Our Goals & Objectives

    • To raise awareness of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda as well as other modern genocides and the Holocaust.
    • To work with survivors of modern genocides and other various global conflicts and allow them to tell their stories through public speaking events in schools, colleges and universities as well as corporations.
    • To use testimonies as a healing tool for genocide survivors and those suffering from traumas arising from other major human conflicts.
    • To stand against discrimination and genocide denial by supporting causes of peace as well as promoting reconciliation and forgiveness.
    • To actively participate in creative, cultural, educational, social and leisure activities which support our Mission.
    • To create educational materials designed to increase knowledge and understanding of modern genocide among young people in the UK and beyond.
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