5 Best Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries

5 Best Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries
5 Best Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries

A smartphone is the basic need of every person nowadays because it allows an opportunity to stay connected with others and can be used anywhere and anytime easily. The smartphone world is rushing, and life seems to be incomplete without a smartphone. As Samsung Galaxy S5 is now a few years old, but still it will remain one of the excellent smartphones ever. The reason behind it is its battery timing, storage, low price, and many others.

A lifetime of a battery, its working and condition is the prominent thing that matters for a smartphone. A phone with a weak battery performance will not provide any benefit to the phone lovers. Talking about Samsung Galaxy S5, it comes with the “Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries” to make it convenient for the phone lovers to enjoy the features without any interruption.

Therefore, here are some of the best “Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Batteries” that will provide complete joy to the users of this phone. These batteries deliver the optimum performance by extending the lifetime of the phones’ battery to serve with high efficiency. The batteries serve with almost the same specifications by providing more power and strength to the battery.

1. PowerBear 7800mAh Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

PowerBear 7800 mAh Galaxy S5 Battery
PowerBear 7800 mAh Galaxy S5 Battery

It is one of your perfect decision to choose PowerBear extended battery for your Galaxy S5. It contains all the additional features you are looking for a battery. It provides more than you expect from a battery. The PowerBear has a much higher capacity of up to 275%, which is much more than a standard battery. Replacing the existing battery of your phone with this high power battery will increase the battery life and the efficiency of your phone. It is highly affordable, light in weight, and easy to carry. These features make it just perfect for your Galaxy S5.

The PowerBear can drastically increase the capacity of the battery by maximizing its power. The extended battery gives the proper strength to the phone without creating any disaster while using this battery. The extended durability makes it possible for the phone to work throughout the day.

Apart from that, using this battery for your phone is quite simple, and it does not require any additional effort to fix this battery to your Galaxy S5. It is just a three-step process, which is quite simple for everyone to perform. Turn off your phone, remove the back cover then remove the existing battery and replace it with the PowerBear Extended battery. It gives a new life to your Samsung Galaxy S5 by increasing strength and power capacity because it contains A+ battery cell. Besides this, the internal chips protect your phone from overheating, so it will not cause any harm to your phone.


  1. PowerBear can drastically increase the power capacity of the battery.
  2. Comes with a capacity of 275%.
  3. Easy to replace with existing battery.
  4. The battery contains A+ cell
  5. Protect the phone from overheating


  1. Its takes a long time to recharge.
  2. Does not support water resistance design.

2. IBESTWIN Upgraded 2800 mAh Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

IBESTWIN 2800mAh Battery
IBESTWIN 2800mAh Battery

IBESTWIN battery with 2800 mAh is another best and just a perfect battery replacement for your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. This battery contains high-quality cells with grade “A” premium battery. The high-quality battery cells provide increased protection for safer use.

Moreover, the build-in microchips will protect overcharging and thus the overheating of the phone. IBESTWIN provide higher power capacity to the phone, thus increasing its strength. This extended high capacity battery will work almost the same as the original existing battery of the phone.

The only difference is that it provides a high capacity of 2800 mAh to make the users completely satisfied. Other than that, the battery type is Li-ion with a voltage of 3.85 volts and offers 10.78 Watt Hour. These specifications are the same as the original battery but serve an extended battery life to your phone to increase its strength. Additionally, this battery is compatible with all other models of Samsung Galaxy, which increases its demand. The battery with high capacity power is easy to carry and easy to fix, so the users can easily avail the maximum benefit from the extended battery timing.

IBESTWIN 2800 mAh contains microchips, which protect overheating of the phone but extra care in this respect will be more helpful in maintaining the battery life. It will not only maximize the power capacity but also helps in the battery’s life to last for a long time. These small things will highly contribute to increasing the efficiency of the cell for optimal performance and safe use.


  1. The “A” grade cells provide additional protection to the battery.
  2. Provide high strength by extending battery life.
  3. Compatible for other Galaxy models as well.
  4. The microchips protect the overheating of the phone.


  1. Recharge slowly.
  2. Has similar features but does not offer the same functionality.

3. RAV Power Replacement for Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery RavPower
Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery RavPower

Another best replacement for your Samsung Galaxy S5 is RAV power battery. It is one of the other highly efficient and compatible battery for your S5. It will ideally strengthen your phone you expect from an extended battery. Its 2800 mAh capacity with the voltage 3.85 volts will increase the power of the battery by making it more efficient. The RAV power battery is CE and FCC certified as well as provides your phone a capacity to live for a long time. The high capacity power of 2800 mAh makes it possible for the phone to increase the performance as well as increases the lifetime of the phone.

This efficient extended battery also contains “A” grade battery cells to increase the efficiency and the performance of the battery for the phone. These high-quality battery cells provide long-lasting life to the battery and thus enhances its performance. Hence, it is another best replacement to the existing battery of your S5 smartphone.

One of the primary thing that contributes to retain battery’s life and to increase its performance is to charge the battery under specific conditions. Do not overcharge or under your phone, both these affect the health and performance of the cell. Always charge your phone when the battery reaches 50% of usage as it will help in maintaining its life for the longest time.

Although RAV power battery gives, an excellent lifetime warranty but taking care will prove to be more beneficial for keeping the battery’s condition. It will also provide superior strength to the battery for giving proper support to the phone. However, still utilizing the battery in an appropriate way will be more beneficial to retain the battery’s health and stability.


  1. The 2800 mAh capacity provides excellent strength to the phone.
  2. Maintains the longevity of the battery by extending the battery’s life.
  3. A certified battery to maximize the performance of the phone.
  4. Comes with a 2-year warranty from Amazon.


  1. It does not provide longevity to the battery for more than 16 hours.
  2. The recharging takes a longer time.
  3. Undercharge and overcharge contribute to quick damage.
  4. Drains quickly.

4. Li-ion Replacement 3300 mAh Extended Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery ZURUN
Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery ZURUN

It is another high-quality battery for Galaxy S5 with an updated grade for highest efficiency and performance. The high-quality battery cells increase the performance of the battery more than your expectations. Moreover, it provides high capacity power to give proper strength to the phone as these high-quality cells are strictly tested under certain conditions. Hence, these battery cells are CE, and ROHS certified to provide optimal performance to increase the efficiency and working of the phone.

The 3300 mAh battery replacement is highly compatible with galaxy S5, so it provides a full strength and power to the battery. The 3300 mAh power capacity increases the battery life to give the required strength to the phone. Apart from large size and mighty strength, this battery offers an extended-lasting lifetime warranty to the users. It is another reason why the galaxy lovers prefer this battery in replacement of the existing battery.

Utilizing all the power of the battery for the first three times before charging the battery will help in optimal performance as well as it will help to maintain the lifetime of the cell. As well as complete discharge and charge for the first 3 to 5 times is necessary and beneficial for maintaining the longevity of the battery.

To avoid additional damage of battery, protecting it from unnecessary discharge will work in this respect.

For this purpose, keeping it away from battery-draining apps will help in protecting from the additional drain. Therefore, extra care in protection against overheating and from battery draining apps is necessary for retaining the battery life for long-term use.


  1. The 3300 mAh battery is compatible with other models as well.
  2. Gives higher power capacity and excellent strength.
  3. Increase the optimal performance of the phone efficiently.


  1. Require a complete discharge for maintaining the longevity of the battery’s life.
  2. Power-draining apps consume more of it.

5. Extended JUBOTY 6400 mAh Replacement for Galaxy S5 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Extended JUBOTY
Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Extended JUBOTY

Another highly efficient and powerful replacement battery for S5 is JUBOTY 6400 mAh. It is one of the other highly compatible battery for Galaxy S5. The 6400 mAh capacity of the battery provides high power to the battery and gives great strength to the battery. The high power and great strength increase the efficiency and the performance of the battery.

The battery with 6400 mAh is highly compatible with S5 as well as with the other models of the galaxy series. The JUBOTY replacement comes with grade “A” battery cells, which means that the battery can provide high strength to the phone. The battery cells are entirely certified and thus able to offer a long-lasting life to the battery. Besides this, the 6400 mAh capacity protects the battery from overcharging and overheating, which highly contributes to maintaining the life of the battery and its condition.

The extended battery comes with the black back cover and the protective TPU case. The protective case is specially designed for S5 to provide complete protection to the phone as well as to protect the battery. It maintains battery health and thus give more strength to the battery and hence the phone.

As this replacement, the battery is compatible with several other galaxy models, so choosing the right one according to specifications and the model of your phone will provide optimal performance.

Therefore, to expect higher efficiency and better performance from the battery, it is necessary to choose the right one according to the model. Otherwise, it will not work for your phone in a manner you want. However, the battery replacement, according to the exact specification and requirement of the right model, will work more efficiently than your expectations.


  1. Provides two times more power than the standard battery
  2. Highly compatible and provides excellent strength to the phone.
  3. Provides complete safety.
  4. Easy to fix.
  5. High-quality cells retain battery life and performance.


  1. It’s capacity lessen with time.
  2. It does not provide complete protection without back cover.

How to keep your Battery safe?

For maintaining stability, it is necessary to keep a battery safe and protect it from additional damage. For keeping the battery safe, it is essential to follow some basic tips, which are:

  • Utilize power-saving mode for the phone, as it helps in retaining stability and keeps the battery safe.
  • Avoid fast charging.
  • Avoid using power-draining apps.
  • Charge your phone when the battery utilizes up to 50%. It will maintain the stability, strength, and keeps a battery safe from damage.

How to get Optimum Performance from the battery?

Optimal performance of the battery is necessary for increasing the efficiency of the phone to work for a long time. However, following some tips will help in maximizing the performance of the battery as well as provide high strength to the phone.

  • Avoid overcharging and undercharging of the battery set specific terminals for recharging.
  • Make sure to adjust the display settings properly.
  • Avoid overheating and overcooling maintain equilibrium between the temperatures.
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