Built-In vs. Freestanding Appliances: Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover
Kitchen Makeover

When you are building a new kitchen or remodeling an old one, there are several important factors that you must take into consideration, especially the type of kitchen appliances you want to install. Once you’ve decided on the fittings you need to buy, you have to figure out whether to install freestanding or built-in appliances. In most cases, this decision requires the input of an interior design expert. All the same, you still have to weigh the pros and cons of each option so that you choose the one that suits your preference.

This article explores some of the pros and cons of both freestanding and built-in kitchen appliances.

Freestanding Kitchen Appliances

Free Standing Appliances

Freestanding appliances are fittings that can stand on their own with finished sides. With these appliances, there is no need for installing the cabinetry.



Standalone kitchen appliances are usually cheaper than their built-in counterparts because they do not require the help of an expert to install. You just move them to their respective positions in the house. These fixtures are also affordable because they often come in a standardized design, so you won’t have to pay extra charges for customization. 

All you need to do is to handle the items with care so that they don’t break during shipment. Also, you might need an interior designer to help you with the arrangement process so that you can utilize the available space prudently.

Variety of Sizes

Because not all kitchen spaces are the same, manufacturers of kitchen appliances make a point of producing their items in various sizes so that they can suit different customer preferences. Therefore, it is quite easy to find freestanding appliances that will fit in your kitchen space seamlessly regardless of how small or big it is.


Sometimes it’s hard to install your fridge or any other kitchen appliance because of the limited space available. It is even more difficult if you are installing a built-in appliance since it has to be installed in the already created spaces in the cabinetry and walls. This can easily force you to throw away some of the appliances in order to create more space and make sure the kitchen doesn’t look too crowded.

But, with freestanding appliances, you have the liberty and flexibility over where you can place them. This is important especially when you want to install electronic appliances because they can easily be moved to the socket. Even when you are moving from one house to another, standalone appliances make your work easy because they can easily be moved without disassembling them.


Lack of Uniform Finish  

If you are looking to have a smooth, uniform interior finish in your kitchen, then forget about freestanding appliances. Due to their varied sizes, shapes, and dimensions, standalone units are less likely to sit flush with other fittings in the kitchen. And since you are going to source these appliances from different brands, they are most likely going to have different colors, which will ultimately frustrate your desire to have a uniform finish.


Some models of freestanding kitchen appliances come with detachable units that are usually hidden behind doors. These units can be too noisy and make your kitchen sound like a milling factory.


When you install too many freestanding fittings in your kitchen, you end up with a messy space that looks overcrowded. Even arranging these standalone appliances can be tricky because they do not come in similar sizes and shapes. So, you end up placing them wherever they can fit.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Simply put, built-in kitchen appliances are units built into the cabinets and countertops.


Seamless Kitchen Finish

If you do not want to have your small kitchen crowded with fridges, microwaves, ovens, and stovetops, then you should go for built-in units because they are designed to slide into the walls and cabinetry, thus providing you with a seamless and integrated interior finish.

Enough Space

Due to the risk of fire and other hazardous items used in the kitchen, you should always leave enough space for you to move around freely. It is very risky to have power cables and gas pipes lying around in the kitchen, especially if you have small kids who might be tempted to play in the kitchen. That’s why built-in kitchen appliances are great; they are hidden inside the walls, away from the children.


Built-in kitchen appliances are the best when it comes to customizing your kitchen. They blend well with the cabinetry to give you an identical kitchen finish. You can even hire an interior designer to help you with the designs.

Longer Lifespan

Because they are installed permanently, most built-in kitchen appliances last longer than their freestanding counterparts. The rate of wear and tear in standalone units is higher because they have to be moved back and forth during cleaning and other maintenance tasks in and around the kitchen. But the built-in units are always stacked away whenever they are not in use.


More Expensive

Since limited brands create built-in kitchen appliances, the few units available are quite costly compared to freestanding models. What is more, they are harder and more expensive to install as they have to fit into the set cabinetry and walls. Therefore, you have to hire an expert to install the units for you.

Hard to Move

Most built-in kitchen appliances are permanently installed in the kitchen, so it’s very hard for you to move them freely when you want to relocate to another house or remodel your kitchen. Most of these units will require you to dismantle the entire unit for ease of relocation.

In conclusion, each of these kitchen appliances comes with numerous benefits for you. Nevertheless, your choice will be determined by the amount of space you have and the kind of kitchen finish and experience you desire. Regardless, you need to consult an interior designer for advice on the best kitchen appliances to choose for your kitchen. 

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