SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review [June 2021 Update]

Sound Sleep with this Dream Series Air Mattress [Review]
Sound Sleep with this Dream Series Air Mattress

If you wake up tired after sleeping and have a serious problem of body aches like a leg or arm pain etc., then it’s the poor blood circulation at play with you. Now you must be thinking that how to fix this problem well it’s easy as an air mattress is a good answer for improving your blood circulation. It not only improves your blood circulation but fills you with a great refreshing spirit that light-up your mood as well. Obviously, good health leads to good vibes, good thoughts and a bright mind which can bring about positive change in society.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress - Queen Size
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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress - Queen Size
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR WARRANTY comes standard on all SoundAsleep mattresses. Rest assured on your purchase of the highest quality air mattress money can buy. Call or email anytime for support. Our...
  • INDUSTRY LEADING DESIGN exclusively using ComfortCoil Technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability. No slipping and sliding! With 40 internal air coils for added durability and...
  • PATENTED 1-CLICK INTERNAL PUMP ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Designed for in-home use, the Queen Size Dream Series mattress reaches full inflation in under 4 minutes and will stay...

Since I started using it, I have actually felt relief from body aches, as my blood circulation is eventually improved. I sleep more comfortably on it, and my leg and arm pain is history now. I have my best experience with SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress. Before that, I used to get up from sleep more tired than before going to sleep due to the extremely uncomfortable mattress.

With SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress my sleep is far more refreshing and relaxing that it is evident from my morning mood before I used to be a grumpy woman that might blow up like a ticking bomb any minute because of any of a slight inconvenience. But now I myself have felt a great change in my mood due to sound sleep that I like to make small talks very often and have a smile on my lips too, that was a rear concept about me before due to my tiredness all the time.

Features of Queen Air Mattress

I feel well-rested now, it’s comfort coil technology provides a firm grip and stability to the mattress which is undoubtedly a plus that you would rarely in air mattresses. Even being an air mattress its quality of stability is amazing that I have not experienced any sliding and slipping yet on it.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress has an amazing number of 40 internal coils that enables it to stay firm and flat for the person sleeping on it. Which also a guarantor of its durability too and helps preventing from de-shaping. I can keep praising it and all the ink of my pen would run out, so let me give you some more relevant information about it too.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress comes in the Queen size; 78 x 58 x 19 with raised “Double-height” that gives you an effect of a traditional mattress. Which is a comfortable size to sleep upon, even two with ease? The cherry on top there is no time-consuming pumping process required, its easy inflation and deflation work and fills it quickly just in 4 minutes. Believe me, it’s true for just 4 minutes, and this inflation will stay the same for days. Moreover, to that, the sound of pumping is also very minimal. So it’s a quick and nearly silent process.

Deflating the Air Mattress

Eco Friendly

This mattress is made up of eco-friendly PVC, that makes it extra durable and very much long-lasting. Counting its, pros it is puncture resistant and waterproof flock top, what else do you need in a mattress. I am a top fan of this soundAsleep dream series air mattress without any doubt. As I said it’s puncture-resistant, that is true as it has multi-layer 15 Gauge puncture-resistant material makes it extra durable than any available in the market. A patent EZ pump/ built-in pump that allows easy inflation and deflation in no time. It’s like a dial you can turn it around as per the purpose. This mattress comes with an integrated cord, which enables neatly and tidily keeping of cord safe.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress pump

Portable Design

Moving this mattress is extremely convenient as per its weight and how portable it is. You can deflate it and simply fold it and place it in a backpack. The company also provides a nylon backpack to keep this mattress safe in it for storage and traveling. Like if you have a job which requires frequent traveling, and you are habitual of sleeping on your own mattress then this soundAsleep dream series air mattress is all that you need to keep it in that nylon bag while traveling and sleep on your won mattress wherever you have to stay.

Portable Air Mattress
Folding the Air Mattress

Like last month I went to my mother’s place and I took it with me. Upon my insisting she actually tried this mattress and she also loved the comfortable sleep on it, as poor blood circulation is kind of family problem. And she so loved it that I came back without my mattress and now I have ordered another for me. Imagine how amazing, the product is. Those who have never experienced the effects of poor blood circulation will never get my emotions about comfortable sleep.

SoundAsleep dream series air mattress has a firm grip that keeps it from slipping during use, as it provides suction grip on flat and had surfaced. And it’s 40 air coils makes it flat from the top, and this air mattress can hold up to 500 lbs.


  1. Portable
  2. Built-in pump
  3. Firm grip
  4. 40 air coil technology
  5. Easy inflation and deflation
  6. 4 minutes’ inflation time
  7. Puncture resistant
  8. Waterproof flocked top.
  9. Improves blood circulation
  10. Queen size to fit two persons easily


  1. Excessive use of air mattresses is not medically recommended as per the doctors.

Final Words

Well, its effective thing for a patient of poor blood circulation, as I have felt a great change after using it. Secondly, sound asleep dream series air mattress is one of its kind, with excellent durability, easy handling. Comfortable surface to sleep, water-resistant top. Its puncture-resistant technology enhances its durability and sustainability. Its quick built-in pump takes no time to inflate it, which is a huge plus. Firm grip on a flat and hard surface which makes it more comfortable for use and no slipping and sliding during sleeping. I will rate this product as 9 out of 10 as I think this could not be used for a longer time as it’s not recommended by specialists in medicine.

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